Designer SDM & Voice (Junior / Medior)

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Designer SDM & Voice (Junior / Medior)

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Designer SDM & Voice (Junior / Medior)

Ambieer je een groeifunctie binnen Telecom? Heb je een Technische vooropleiding? Dan kan je instromen tot 3 jaar werkervaring en leiden we je op tot een volwaardige Designer SDM in het hart van onze Network Design afdeling!

Wat ga je doen?

For this team, we are looking for starters with up to approximately 2 years of work experience, whom we can educate and train to become fully-fledged Designers SDM (Subscriber Data Management) & Voice!

For a starter, or at least for someone with up to 2 or 3 years of experience, you want to try everything in your capabilities right? What are the borders, what is my specialization? What will be my direction for the coming years?

We are looking for starters/juniors up to mediors with a technical or IT education, Computer Science, Physics, Informatics, etc. Because for this job, you need to be able to understand the logic behind the connections from A to B and possibly with a diversion to C etc.

We can tell you a lot about what you will be doing, but you don't have to understand it all 100% yet.

You will be guided by the seniors in the team who will share their knowledge with you, and you will be able to inspire them with your recently acquired knowledge during your training(s), which you in turn will share with them;-)

This is a real growth position, a great opportunity to use your technical education in a different way than you might have thought at first, but where a few things are really essential to know:

In addition to your technical (Beta) education, the desire to grow broader and specialize in "hardcore Telco" as we also call it. We are looking for curiosity by nature, the will to understand (a lot), and relational and communicative strong!

Here are some examples of what you will learn and what you will be fully responsible for in the future:

  • You are close to the Business Analysts where you can assess the wishes of the Business if it can be realized in the design of our Telecom network.
  • You will be at the forefront of innovations in the Telecom field; for example, we are already designing the subscriber profiles and voice services for the SIM cards in smartwatches, which must also be able to function optimally (and without a phone nearby).
  • You will translate business, technical and operational requirements into Functional Designs.
  • You will translate the High Level Design solutions into a technical design and create the corresponding work packages for implementation. You will proactively re-evaluate existing Low Level Designs and strive for simplification and automation.
  • You create technical and functional test documentation for the delivered/designed solutions.
  • You will update the documentation of the SDM & Voice network solution, and keep the general HLD design and network topology documentation up-to-date.

Waar kom je te werken?

Within T-Mobile there is a large department called Network Design. And all the teams within Network Design are responsible for making our Telecom network function optimally.

One of those teams is called SDM & Voice Design, which actually makes sure that everyone can call each other, our one and only 4G & 5G Unlimited universe, from fixed/landline to mobile, from one village to another city, from T-Mobile to the competitor, from one country to another... and makes the connections between the switch versus subscription systems within IT. Every team within T-Mobile is indispensable, but without this team... well... there's not much calling😉 .

Is this team you will have about 20 colleagues, it is a team led by a fine, down to earth manager who lets you be free in your work, respects your opinion, and loves Jazz music…

As the manager of this team puts it: "Important as a manager is that people have freedom to make mistakes, then it's my problem, not yours".

It is also a manager who does not like irresponsible risks, it is of course about the heart of our Telecom network landscape. If your credo is "underpromise - overdeliver", this is the team for you.

Wat breng je mee?

In addition to a healthy dose of curiosity, enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, in this role we also like to see strength in making not only the logical connections, but also human relationships, and communication skills.

  • Bachelor or master, technical education such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics etc.
  • Strong in problem analysis and problem solving skills
  • Experience in Telecom or clear motivation to grow in Telecom
  • English and Dutch fluent, both verbally and in writing
  • Continue to perform effectively under time pressure. Your attitude is positive, you maintain an overview, and you don't fall over at the first sign of an autumn storm...😊 (so to speak)

Wat bieden we jou?

There are many possibilities within T-Mobile, but you have to take the initiative. Be enthusiastic! Is something missing or could something be better? Go ahead, do it differently.

The first acquaintance with T-Mobile will probably be on your mobile phone:-) with a call from one of our recruiters!

After that, you can go for a digital interview and meet Paul and Sandy, seniors from this team. They will check your technical potential. Still enthusiastic? Then there will be a second substantive interview with Willem, the manager of this team and HR, perhaps at the office if possible! If you, and us, are even more enthusiastic after that, you will receive an offer and you can join Team Magenta!

Besides about 2000 enthusiastic colleagues, we also offer the following:

  • Excellent salary
  • Variable remuneration scheme
  • Pension plan
  • Personal learning budget
  • T-Mobile subscription
  • Freedom to work in the office and at home

Wat ga je bij ons leren?

For us, learning is just as normal as telephoning. You are responsible for your own development and you decide how, what and when you learn. We support you in this! Go to for more information.

How do we do this? 
You are in the lead, so we don't do old-fashioned performance interviews and assessments. You ensure that your manager and colleagues are aware of your goals and development. We call that Great Conversations, more information about this you can find on

Overige informatie

Are you as excited about us, as we are about this role? Great, then we're sure to be a good match! Applying for a job with us is very easy. Send your CV and motivation, using the application button and you will receive a call from one of our recruiters. If you're still not convinced, perhaps an introduction to our CEO will help!

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